Harbor Executive Committee and Board of Directors

2024 Harbor Dental Society Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

President Michael Smolen, DDS 

Pres-Elect/New Dentist & Mentorship Chair Amir Kazim, DDS 

Secretary/Editor/Ethics Chair Veronica Greene, DDS, MPH                                       

Treasurer Belinda Balais, DMD  

HDS Representative to the CDA Board of Comp. Representatives Gary Glasband, DDS                              

Immediate Past President/Nominating Committee Chair Donna M. C. Calima, DMD             

Legislation Chair/Delegation Whip Santos Cortez, DDS                                     

Membership Recruit & Retention/Leadership Development Chair Phil R. Melnick, DMD

At-Large Director Justin Mull, DMD


We encourage you to join as a volunteer leader, mentor, mentee and to find out more about how to get involved, please fill out the volunteer leadership and/or mentorship forms here


Harbor Dental Society will reach out to you to discuss the opportunities available to best align with your your interests and work/life balance. Flexibility, efficiency of time commitment, and productivity that drive positive results with consistent leadership support and training are priorities. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself, to learn, engage, and excel with Harbor Dental Society.


Harbor Dental Society and its board of directors are here for you and look forward to your valued involvement for Harbor's continued success as the flagship of oral healthcare excellence. 


Why get involved? Here are 5 reasons to join us with ongoing benefits to you including:

  • Develop and hone mindful leadership skills/competencies to boost your personal growth and professional success
  • Gain confidence, have FUN while connecting with your peers and establishing valued, supportive relationships 
  • Exchange knowledge, share ideas and give feedback for the betterment of members,  the organization and the profession.
  • Contribute to a positive, open and diverse culture with extensive camaraderie opportunities to expand your network.
  • Serve with purpose, making a difference in community outreach, promoting excellence in dentistry, to serve members and our dental community in its responsibility to the public

If you have questions, please reach out at Harbor's office, 562.595.6303 or contact Harbor's Executive Director t email: Kristin@Harbordentalsociety.org.




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