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January 2023
1/10/2023 Live CE Webinar Billing & Coding 2023
1/26/2023 Advanced Concepts in Restorative Direct & Indirect Dentistry

February 2023
2/7/2023 Responsibilities and Requirements for Prescribing Controlled Substances (Schedule II Opioid Drugs)
2/7/2023 Responsibilities and Requirements for Prescribing
2/23/2023 Live CE Webinar: AI in Practice: Artificial Intelligence, Real Dentistry

March 2023
3/23/2023 Live CE Webinar: CBCT Common Findings - DENTROALVEOLAR

April 2023
4/13/2023 Live Webinar - April 13 OSHA/Infection Control
4/20/2023 LIVE CE Webinar: CA Dental Practice Act & Ethics

June 2023
6/22/2023 Live CE Webinar: Game Changers: Transformative Innovations in Dentistry

August 2023
8/31/2023 Live CE Webinar: Posterior Composites: From the Pulp to the Occlusal Surface

September 2023
9/6/2023 Responsibilities and Requirements for Prescribing
9/21/2023 Live CE Webinar: Raving Patients: Get Credible, Get Visible, Get More

October 2023
10/19/2023 Live CE Webinar: Increasing Profits through The Circle of Focus

November 2023
11/9/2023 Live CE Webinar OSHA, IF, CDPA & Ethics

December 2023
12/14/2023 In-Person CE: Bonded Anterior Ceramic Restorations: From Design to Delivery w/ Holiday Installation

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