Adult Dental Plans Available via Covered California

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015

Covered California's open enrollment period for 2016 coverage began Nov. 1 and ends Jan. 31. Both adults and children can enroll in Covered California's family dental plans as an optional benefit. There is no tax penalty for consumers who elect not to enroll in the family dental plan, and no financial assistance (in the form of a tax credit) is available for purchasers of the family dental plan.

Families that wish to purchase a family dental plan must include at least one adult who has purchased health plan coverage through Covered California. Adults who have purchased health coverage through Covered California can purchase a family dental plan even if they do not enroll their children; however, if a child is enrolled in a family dental plan, all children in the family under the age of 19 must be enrolled in the same dental plan.

There are two dental plan product types available for purchase, depending on where the family resides. This includes a dental preferred provider option (DPPO) and a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO). CDA advocated strongly to ensure patients throughout the state had options in the types of plans offered. The participating dental carriers in the family dental plans include Access Dental Plan (DHMO), Anthem Blue Cross (DPPO), Delta Dental of California (DPPO and DHMO), Dental Health Services (DHMO) and Premier Access (DPPO).

Family dental plan premium pricing will vary based on selected plan, (DHMO or DPPO) and the geographical area the consumer resides in. Adult premiums for family dental coverage range from $13 to $64.46 per month, and child premiums range from $16 to $48 per month. The family dental plans feature standard copayments, deductibles and coinsurance requirements for the most frequent services used. All of the family dental plans adhere to Covered California's standard benefit designs that include preventive and diagnostic treatment at no cost for both adults and children.  

Embedded Children's Dental Coverage

In 2016, children's dental benefits are automatically embedded in the health plan coverage available through Covered California, just as they were in 2015. The dental benefits plan is based on which health plan is selected.

For more information regarding Covered California's Dental Plan coverage, including the Embedded and Family Dental Plans and small business health and dental coverage available through Covered California, visit coveredca.com.

CDA member dentists can contact TDIC Sales at 800.733.0633, option 1 for assistance with small business health and dental plan purchasing. Source

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