CDA Dental Benefit Plans Initiative

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The California Dental Association is enhancing resources to support members who experience dental benefits-related issues.


Through CDA Practice Support, members have access to a dedicated dental benefits plan analyst and a library of online resources that facilitate working with benefit plans. Now, an online intake process streamlines dental benefits plan issue submissions for CDA member dentists.


To receive assistance members should take the following action:

  • Submit your issue electronically with a new form from your cda.org account.
  • Visit My Account, click Dental Benefits Issue Submission Form and follow the prompts.
  • Enter basic information about your issue in the secure, HIPAA-compliant form.
  • CDA’s Practice Support analysts will evaluate your issue and share clear next steps.


This new process enables CDA to continue to offer members assistance through its expert analysts while providing a more defined view of the types of dental benefits plan issues members face.


To learn more or submit an issue, visit cda.org/dentalbenefits.

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