CDT 2019 Codes are now available from the ADA

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018

CDT 2019 now available from the ADA


With 15 new codes, five revised codes and four deleted codes, CDT 2019: Dental Procedure Codes is ready to go.  CDT 2019 was released Aug. 28, enabling dentists to record procedures with increased specificity and accuracy when the new codes go into effect Jan 1, 2019. Since many practice management software systems do not include full CDT descriptors, the CDT 2019 manual and Companion help dental professionals decide which code fits best.  And more accurate coding means fewer claims rejections and speedier reimbursement. This documentation may also protect practitioners if questions arise about treatment rendered. Since each code consistently records a service that was delivered, practitioners can build a thorough history of patient visits and treatment plans.


CDT 2019 is the most up-to-date coding resource and the only Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-recognized code set for dentistry.  Note the HIPAA requires that a CDT code from the version in effect on the date of service must be used — no matter when the claim is submitted. CDT 2018 is valid for services delivered through Dec. 31, 2018.

The CDT 2019 manual and CDT 2019 Coding Companion e-Books are free with purchase of the print books from the ADA Catalog.Save 15 percent on the CDT 2019 manual and all ADA Catalog products with promo code 18137 until Nov. 9, 2018. To order, visit ADAcatalog.org or call 1-800-947-4746.

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