California's Oral Health Care System in a Snapshot

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

This fact sheet summarizes select data on the California oral health care system as of 2015 and compares it to national averages. The American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute (HPI) has compiled a first-of-its-kind comprehensive analysis of key aspects of the oral health care system in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This multi-year effort brings together data and analyis in a way that helps inform policy decisions.

Topics include:

  • Dental care utilization (percentage of California population who visits a dentist)
  • Oral health status, attitudes and knowledge of the California population
  • Fluoridation rates in California
  • Reimbursement rates to providers
  • Dentists to population ratio in California
  • Percentage of California dentists who participate in Medicaid

source: www.ADA.org

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