Feb 22 Webinar: 6 Steps to Successfully Reduce Insurance Dependence

Thursday, Feb 17, 2022

Any practice infested with high insurance plans inevitably struggles to stay successful & becomes more focused on survival than on providing a remarkable patient experience for your patients. Along with high PPO plans, it becomes difficult to truly appreciate what dentistry has to offer, due to you working too hard, for too little, for a result that is less than ideal.

With many dentists face the issue of high insurance dependence, Harbor Dental Society is hosting a webinar on the topic “6 Steps to Successfully Reduce Insurance Dependence” and is collaborating with neighboring dental societies including LADS, WLADS, SGVDS, SFVDS and OCDS to invite their members to this 'live' webinar. Gary Takacs will be addressing these timely issues on every dentist's mind Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 at 6.00 PM PT  and invite Harbor members to join.

In this Live webinar, Gary will share the 6 steps you should take to successfully resign from PPO plans and reduce insurance dependence. With the correct course of action, you too can successfully reduce insurance dependence and become a part of the growing community who are thriving in their practices without PPO plans.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the reasons for high overheads in your dental practice
  • Learn the 6 Steps to Successfully Reduce Insurance Dependence
  • Learn how to leverage these 6 steps to develop your own practice

There will be exclusive extras and offers for live attendees and a live Q&A/coaching session with him where you can have all your questions related to having a thriving practice answered. Check your Harbor emails for the link to join or call the HDS office, 562.595.6303.

Additional related and exciting news is that Harbor Dental Society is pleased to offer members a group discount savings on the subscription-based dental membership plans you setup directly for patients via Kleer.

There is no insurance middleman and you can create stronger patient-dentist relationships.

Benefits of Kleer: 

· Membership plans are acting as an effective catalyst to improve patient care and relations.

· These plans help maximize the value of your uninsured patient base to drive revenue for you.

· Acquire new fee-for-service patients — driving top-line revenue growth across your practice.

Implementation is free. Harbor members save 10% on Kleer fees. 

Click link to schedule a free demo with Kleer to check it out and be sure to mention you are a Harbor Dental Society member: https://go.kleer.com/hds

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