Harbor Leaders Visit the Capitol for CDA Leg Day to Meet with Legislators

Monday, May 6, 2019

HDS President Santos Cortez, DDS along with HDS Immediate Past President Aarti Shah, DDS, HDS President-Elect Veronica Greene, DDS, Chair of the Local Host CDA Cares LB 2020 Committee and Bylaws Chair Gary Glasband, DDS and new HDS Member Mona Nejad, DDS made up the dental society delegation hosted by the California Dental Association (CDA) to meet with key legislators who included Senator Bob Archuleta and Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell to discuss legislative issues impacting dentistry and oral health care outreach efforts making a positive impact in the community.


If you want to get involved with advocacy efforts contact the Harbor office, 562.595.6303.  Now is the time to stay updated, network, prepare, and voice your opinion along with your colleagues on legislative issues impacting organized dentistry and oral healthcare.


My experience as a new HDS Member…

It was truly a wonderful experience and honor to be a part of the HDS delegation at the CDA Advocacy Day. I felt like I was among the greats! I learned a lot and hope that I can continue to be an active HDS member. I look forward to seeing you all at future HDS events.

Thank you!

Mona Nejad, DDS


Main Legislative Issues


Proposition 56 Medi-Cal Funding
More than half of children and a third of adults — more than 13 million Californians — now rely on the state’s Medi-Cal program for their medical and dental coverage. The passage of Prop. 56 in 2016 — a tobacco-tax increase co-sponsored by CDA — has led to significant Medi-Cal funding improvements.


Universal Health Care
CDA is committed to building upon the existing health care delivery system to extend health coverage to all Californians. We are encouraged by Governor Newsom’s proposals to expand coverage, increase affordability and stabilize the individual insurance market.


AB 954: Dental Plan Network Leasing – Sponsor
CDA is sponsoring AB 954 (Wood) to require dental benefit plans to be more transparent about the common practice of “leasing” access to a network of contracted dentists from another dental benefit plan.


Dental Plan Transparency
Californians deserve accountability and value from their dental benefit plans and AB 954 (Wood) builds on a series of recent successful legislative efforts sponsored by CDA that have greatly increased the transparency of these plans. AB 1962 (2014) required commercial dental plans to annually disclose to the state how much premium revenue they spend on patient care versus administrative costs, known as a dental loss ratio (DLR).

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs)
CDA and the California Medical Association are co-sponsoring three bills that would reduce the consumption of sugary beverages including soda, energy drinks, sugar-added juices and sports drinks:

  • AB 764 (Bonta) will prohibit a soda company form offering a manufacturer’s coupon to distributors, manufacturers or retailers.
  • AB 765 (Wicks), the Healthy Checkout Aisles for Healthy Families Act, will prohibit placement of SSBs near the check-out counter at supermarkets, large grocery stores and warehouse clubs.
  • AB 766 (Chiu) will ban the sale of unsealed beverages larger than 16 ounces at food service establishments.

SB 154: Silver Diamine Fluoride – Sponsor    
CDA is sponsoring SB 154 (Pan) this year to add silver diamine fluoride (SDF) as a Medi-Cal benefit for treatment of dental decay when applied as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.


State Office of Oral Health – Proposition 56 Funding
CDA’s Access Plan to reduce barriers to oral health care prioritizes the need for a comprehensive state oral health program led by a state dental director. This effort received a strong boost from the passage of Prop. 56, which includes an annual $30 million for the state oral health program – a tenfold funding increase and the first time the program has ever had a dedicated revenue source.


For more details on major legislative issues, visit www.cda.org


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