Continued Opposition to Proposition 46 Grows to Defeat Flawed Measure

Tuesday, Oct 7, 2014

Continued opposition to Proposition 46 is growing. Proposition 46 is backed by trial lawyers and if passed will increase health care costs for all Californians by making it easier for lawyers to file medical malpractice lawsuits. On top of more lawsuits and higher health care costs, your personal, private prescription drug information could also be vulnerable to hackers because of Proposition 46.

 CDA and more than 600 organizations are working hard to defeat this measure written by trial lawyers to benefit trial lawyers.

Key Facts About Proposition 46

  • Quadrupling MICRA's Noneconomic Damages Cap
  • Mandatory Use of the State's CURES Prescription Drug Database
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing of Physicians
  • Proposition 46 requires hospitals to conduct drug and alcohol testing of physicians. The measure's backers admitted to the Los Angeles Times that this provision was included only because it tested well in focus groups, calling it the "ultimate sweetener" for voters. This was a political ploy to appeal to voters, not a well-reasoned policy proposal.

Countdown to Election Day: Four Weeks!

We are only four weeks from Election Day. Absentee ballots are being mailed by County Voter Registrars this week. If you are an absentee voter, please mail in your ballot as soon as possible and vote No on Prop. 46.
If you have not registered to vote click here!

Here are other ways you can help defeat Prop. 46:
•    Sign up to add your name to the growing list of individuals and groups opposed to Prop. 46. If you sign up via the No on 46 website, you will receive regular campaign updates from the No on 46 campaign.
•    There is still time to order buttons, bumper stickers, brochures and more from the campaign store free of charge. These materials are perfect for office waiting rooms.
•    Materials will be available at Harbor's CE Program October 9
•    Follow No on 46 on Twitter: @NoOn46
•    Like No on 46 on Facebook: No on 46

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