X-ray machine registration and other fees to increase Sept 1

Monday, Aug 14, 2017

X-ray machine registration and other fees to increase Sept. 1

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Radiologic Health Branch fees are due to increase 26.76 percent Sept. 1, 2017, under the Budget Act of 2016, Chapter 23, in accordance with California Health and Safety Code section 100425.


Five fee types are increasing. These are: registration of reportable sources of radiation renewal; certification in radiologic technology or nuclear medicine technology application; renewal for certificate in radiologic technology, nuclear medicine technology and other; schools of radiologic technology; and licensing of radioactive materials. 


The California Department of Finance determined the new fee schedule, which can be found in the Radiologic Health Branch section of the Department of Public Health website. The fee tables list the current fees along with the amounts set to take effect Sept. 1. Dental practices are typically billed biennially.


The fees for registration of reportable sources of radiation are as follows:


                                                                        Current (annual)  New (annual)  Renew (biennial)

High-priority radiation machines                                     $252                   $319               $638

Medium-priority radiation machines                            $202                   $256               $512

Dental-priority radiation machines                               $93                      $118               $236

Special-priority radiation machines                               $559                   $709               $1,418

Maximum fee for high-, medium-, special- and

Dental-priority radiation machines at the same installation $7,060   $8,949             $17,898

Generally licensed devices                                                $82                    $104                N/A (annual)

Annually special-priority radiation machines                $332                   $421                $842



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