The Fight is on to Protect MICRA!

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014

Jim DeBoo, Campaign Manager of Patients and Providers to Protect Access and Contain Health Costs announced that trial lawyers and their allies filed signatures with county elections officials, signaling the first major step toward qualifying their proposed ballot initiative for the November 2014 statewide ballot. The lawyers' deceptive measure would make it easier and more profitable for lawyers to sue doctors, nurses, community health centers, hospitals and other care providers. The measure would significantly increase costs for health care consumers by billions each year, and jeopardize patient access to care all across California. From rural to underserved communities, this measure would have a devastating effect on the health care system.

Take Action!

Patients and Providers to Protect Access and Contain Health Costs are prepared to do what it takes to defeat this costly and dangerous initiative. But need your help, now and until Election Day. Please take a moment today:

  • Visit the new website  to get important facts, downloads and information that will help you spread the word about this costly measure.
  •  Send an email to your friends and/or to your colleagues encouraging them to sign up directly with the campaign to oppose the measure.
  •  Contribute here to help fight the trial lawyers' measure


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